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Carry out bookkeeping and payroll, etc. carefully and quickly

The Aoki & Associates USCPA office, which conducts management consulting in Tokyo, is a professional company engaged in operations such as salary calculation, transfer agency and invoicing agency. We have received many requests from various companies, and we have a wealth of achievements that we have been satisfied with assured and polite work. Since we are trying to deal with a wide range of work and conscientious pricing according to the problems and circumstances of companies and consultants, we have received many happy words such as being flexible and helping. The
Since it can be used from any timing and there is no particular designation of software, even companies that are easy to use have a good reputation. Please contact us if you are interested or are considering using it.

A management consulting company in Tokyo can handle various tasks.

We will respond to your company's worries and circumstances.

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Answers to frequently asked questions from customers

How should I save taxes?
I will look at the financial statements and advise you where there are tax saving measures. However, as a guideline, please consult about 3 months before the due date.
Is it okay to hand over the accounting documents without organizing them?
It's okay. If the card is stored together for one year, please submit it as it is.
The deadline for closing a financial statement is close.
There is no problem if you have about 5 business days.
I have a bank sales representative. Can you talk to me?
Yes, it's fine. Please feel free to contact us for financial consulting.
I don't have enough funds to introduce the equipment.
There is a possibility that funds can be secured by negotiating with financial institutions and credit sales companies. We are also engaged in negotiations with financial institutions, so please feel free to contact us.

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company name

Aoki & Associates USCPA Office

Street address

3-2-14 Hayamiya, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 307

phone number
business hours

10:00 〜 17:00

Regular holiday

None, day, sat, holiday


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Companies that are active in Tokyo as a management consulting company offer convenient accounting services that can be used at any time. You can use it regardless of the company's size and years of operation without specifying or limiting the software used. There are a wide range of price plans and supported services, so please choose the plan that suits your needs and budget.

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Topical management consulting companies in Tokyo are talking about their work being polite

Management consulting companies operating in Tokyo have many plans and are efficient

A company that operates in close proximity to companies who are in need of accounting due to lack of human resources and consultants who want to reduce accounting expenses as little as possible. We provide services such as There are a wide range of easy-to-understand and reasonable pricing plans, such as bookkeeping, payroll, and transfer, so it's easy to choose a plan that suits your worries and budget, and it's efficient. It is highly appreciated by companies. It is also known as a service that has a high repeat rate with many regular customers.
Since we strive to be able to respond with business agency and rate plans tailored to the troubles and problems of companies, we have received many happy words such as being flexible and helping us, and we have a lot of achievements that have been satisfied In In addition, it has a good reputation for its high degree of freedom and ease of use. It can be used from any time, and there is no particular designation of software used. In addition, questions and consultations are welcome and we are looking forward to your contact. In addition, since reservations are required for use, please contact us first if you are interested or are considering using it.

It has become a hot topic for management consulting companies in Tokyo that are easy to use.

It is a company that operates with the top priority on solving the problems and problems of the company that requested it, and accounting services with flexible response and careful work are popular because they are easy to use and convenient. It has a good reputation from companies that lack accounting personnel and companies that require accounting personnel only when necessary, and also supports salary calculation, transfer agency, invoicing agency, etc. It is popular for its reasonable prices, and because it offers a wide range of rate plans, it has been well received as being economical and efficient. Since it can be used from any timing, it is also a topic that is easy to use.
In addition to accounting services, we welcome any consultation regarding management. For this reason, it is highly evaluated as a reassuring partner who can consult with you regarding accounting and management issues. The know-how cultivated through abundant experience and support using various systems unique to professionals have a good reputation for being polite and accurate, and many companies have repeatedly used it. We are open with a courteous response and warm customer service, so please feel free to contact us with any concerns.